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History of the 新澳门六合彩开奖结果2023

The 新澳门六合彩开奖结果2023

Established 2011

In April 2011, 新澳门六合彩开奖结果2023 replaced the Association of Professional Music Therapists (APMT) and the British Society for Music Therapy (BSMT). The process of merger had been ongoing for some years and every effort was  made to ensure that the new organisation is a rich resource to meet the needs of both public and professionals.

The objects of the organisation are to promote for the public benefit the art and science of Music Therapy and the use and development of Music Therapy for children and adults with a wide range of needs, to advance education in Music Therapy, and to promote understanding of Music Therapy for the general public.

The 新澳门六合彩开奖结果2023 is supported and run by the Board of Trustees, Chief Executive and core team. 新澳门六合彩开奖结果2023 offers a range of membership options, including Overseas and Associate Memberships. For more information, please click on the Join Us page.

新澳门六合彩开奖结果2023 is a company limited by guarantee (company no 7301585) and a registered charity (no 1137807).

APMT, Association of Professional Music Therapists

1976 - 2011

The Association of Professional Music Therapists (APMT) was established in 1976 to support and develop the profession. Membership was open to trainee and qualified music therapists and services were provided primarily for the membership. The APMT Executive worked tirelessly over the years to achieve an international reputation for excellence in training, practice and research in Music Therapy. In 1999, the long negotiation to gain State Registration was finalised and now, as Allied Health Professionals, all practising Music Therapists are legally required to register with the Health Professions Council. The APMT also worked closely with a range of stakeholders in the UK and abroad, including the Department of Health and the Health Professions Council, now the Health and Care Professions Council.  

BSMT, British Society for Music Therapy

1958 - 2011

The British Society for Music Therapy, a registered charity, was founded in 1958 by Juliette Alvin and her colleagues under the name of 'Society for Music Therapy and Remedial Music' with the object of promoting the use and development of music therapy.

At that time music therapy was scarcely known as a profession, although music had been acknowledged as a means of healing for thousands of years. The BSMT was vital in supporting the work of the early pioneers and in helping the developing profession to gain the respect and status which it now enjoys. The BSMT grew into an organisation which reached people with an interest in music therapy all over the UK and worldwide.

The BSMT acted as an advisory body and was a centre of information and dissemination on services, training, bibliography and research, receiving from home and abroad a vast number of enquiries on all aspects of music therapy.

Membership of the British Society for Music Therapy was open to anyone interested in music therapy.

Please see document below written by David Luck of City of London Archives.